Best Minecraft Bedrock Seeds 1.17/1.18 (November 2021)

These Bedrock seeds are perfect for exploring and creating a huge Survival Mode empire!

If you're playing Minecraft on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mobile, or Windows 10 then you're playing on the Bedrock version of the game! Seeds are what create the world that you play in, so having one that provides you with a lot of things you'd like to be surrounded with can be important. If you're looking for a particular place to start playing, then we've got a full list of great Minecraft Bedrock Seeds from you to choose from in this post!

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Minecraft Bedrock Seeds List

The Shortlist

  • 1.18: Since 1.18 is still relatively new, it's possible for them to change the world generation mechanics during the first few months. As such, some of the key locations listed below the 1.18 seeds might not be accurate.
    • The Goodlands: -78688046
    • The D&D Dream: 1613969106
    • Pike's Peak: -1465919862
    • Wet Heat Dry Heat: -826006579
    • Beautiful Mountain Ranges: 700682
  • 1.17: We know some of you are still using 1.17! We will be phasing these out over the next few months as 1.18 seeds fill up this list, but here are the last of the best 1.17 seeds!
    • All the Rare Things: 917317491
    • Brennenburg Castle: -577384543
    • Master of the Elements: 2111844826
    • Smithtown 2.5: 1835071273
    • Village Valley: -679532036

1.18 Seeds

The Goodlands

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -78688046

This is our favorite seed so far for Minecraft 1.18. You spawn in what is supposed to be the Badlands, but the size and beauty of it all are anything but bad. In the Badlands, you'll find massive craters filled with water and a Coral Reef in a massive alcove that separates the Badlands from a sizeable Savannah biome.

  • Key Locations
    • Village: -360 -360
    • Abandoned Village: -872 -296
    • Jungle Temple: 40 696
    • Stronghold: -812 -844
    • Nether Portal: 120 -280

The D&D Dream

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 1613969106

It might be hard to see, but there is a lot going on in the image preview above. This seed spawns you right in the middle of a Dungeon Masters dream world. You start near a long river that leads to a port city overlooking an ocean. Near this city are two things: an Outpost and a Nether Portal. Across the river is a short mountain range, and in a different direction you'll find a massive forest. This map is certainly an easy one to make an adventure.

  • Key Locations
    • Port City: 40 296
    • Mountain Ranges: -430 200
    • Outpost #1: 296 392
    • Outpost #2: -872 376
    • Nether Portal: 280 328

Pike's Peak

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -1465919862

If you are focused more on enjoying the views of a mountain rather than from a mountain, this is a great PE seed to begin a new Minecraft world. A few hundred blocks from spawn, you will find a village, providing you the materials you need to begin your adventurous hike up the beautiful mountain in the distance. On your way to the mountain, why not stop at all the Buried Treasure along the way?

  • Key Locations
    • Village: -248 -248
    • Jagged Peak: -333 -666
    • Ruined Portal: -312 -360
    • Buried Treasure #1: -248 -120
    • Buried Treasure #2: -248 -184

Wet Heat Dry Heat

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -826006579

Regardless of the path you choose, you'll be facing scorching temperatures on this seed. You spawn in a forest near a massive Jungle biome with plenty of resources available. From there, you can choose to make the very short hike over to a beautiful Badlands biome next door, or you can head the opposite direction to see a Mushroom Island!

  • Key Locations
    • Jungle/Badlands Border: 1300 440
    • Mushroom Island: -710 -75
    • Nether Portal: 328 40
    • Ocean Monument #1: -456 -424
    • Ocean Monument #2: -760 376

Beautiful Mountain Ranges (1.18+)

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 700682

There are two significant features about the shift to 1.18 world generation: the mountain ranges and the caves. This was one of the best views we could find for the new forms of mountain ranges and thus the perfect way to begin playing Minecraft 1.18. This seed puts the beauty and versatility of the new world generation on display, including mountain peaks in multiple environments all close together.

  • Key Locations
    • Spawn: 32 78 -288
    • Nether Portal: 70 73 -308
    • Abandoned Villaged: -140 71 -295
    • Mountain Ranges: -315 140 -315

1.17 Seeds

All the Rare Things

A burning mansion in Minecraft.

Seed: 917317491

In this seed, you'll find all the rare things near each other, starting at the Mansion that doesn't generate far off from spawn. This seed is perfect for players that are always on the hunt for a good seed because of how rarely these things generate, and the fact that the generate so close together is that much better. Follow the Key Starting Locations below to see what that amazing seed has to offer.

  • Key Starting Locations
    • Mansion: 548 -1077
    • Jungle & Mesa Biomes: 1065 -1060
    • Ice Spikes Biome: 120 -2120
    • Mooshroom Biome: -650 700
    • End Portal #1: 985 -1060
    • End Portal #2: 810 -813

Brennenburg Castle

A Mansion that looks like a castle in Minecraft.

Seed: -577384543

This seed is set up so perfectly that it seems like it's straight out of the horror game Amnesia. You spawn at a Mansion, which is rare for a Bedrock Seed. A short hike away you will find a village with a ravine running through it, and inside the ravine is a visible Stronghold. This is a great seed to use if you're looking to get started and get to the action right away so you can sit pretty as the ruler of your Minecraft world.

  • Key Starting Locations
    • Woodland Mansion: 530 120
    • Stronghold: 915 600
    • Village #1: -165 260
    • Village #2: -345 55
    • Village #3: -310 -275

Master of the Elements

Multiple biome Minecraft seed.

Seed: 2111844826

In this seed, you spawn in a normal environment. Nothing too fancy. However, put on your hiking boots and adventuring gear, because you're going to want to travel the center of the world (coordinates 0 0) to reach a lake in the middle of six different environments. You'll have Ice, Mountain, Plains, Forest, Mesa, and Mushroom Biomes all within a few hundred blocks of each other, making you the ultimate Master of the Elements!

  • Key Locations
    • Element Center: 0 70 0
    • Stronghold: 1972 35 -716
    • Village #1: 3070 90 -310
    • Village #2: 2370 80 -340
    • Village #3: 1975 80 -700

Smithtown 2.5

A taiga village in Minecraft.

Seed: 1835071273

Last month, we featured a seed called Smithtown that boasted four blacksmiths among its residents. We now introduce you to the new, hyper-upgraded version of that town: Smithtown 2.5, home to 10 Blacksmiths. We rarely feature seeds that are too similar to one another, but we had to make an exception this once. With 10 Blacksmiths, your options while trading greatly increase your chances of getting the best battle gear possible. The best part? The village is only about 300 blocks away from spawn!

  • Key Locations
    • Mineshaft #1: 775 35 25
    • Mineshaft #2: 650 35 155
    • Blacksmith Village: 1110 90 100
    • Plains Village: 1060 80 -250
    • Snowy Village: 555 90 -715

Village Valley

A village in a valley in Minecraft.

Seed: -679532036

Don't let this seed's featured image fool you, this is a fluke. You do indeed spawn to a pleasant Taiga Village, with ample wood and resources available. However, if you like Strongholds, you'll have your work cut out for you in this world. This seed offers the village, and a Stronghold built with two spawners in the library. If you can master the dungeon, you deserve bragging rights!

  • Key Locations:
    • Village Valley: -300 80 0
    • Village: 560 80 475
    • Stronghold #1: -1116 40 -204
    • Stronghold #2: -1228 40 -732
    • Double Spawner: -146 24 -399 | -147 24 -388

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  1. I just found a glitch when i got on a village no villager was ther and the sky was black and pink is it bug?

  2. Has anyone found the other strong hold in the want o die seed

  3. Oh no! I just realized that I don’t think that I added the minus before my seed! I can’t currently log into Minecraft, because my time is up for now, so I can’t repost the seed.

  4. I found a seed with a shattered savanna! Is it normal for shattered savanna to have really green grass though? Because this one does.
    There is also a geode in a ravine, and next to it is a mineshaft.
    I’m pretty sure this seed is only in 1.17 too.

    1. Sorry the seed is just randomly squished in the middle of the text.

  5. I found a seed with a shattered savanna! Is it normal for shattered savanna to have really green grass though? Because this one does.
    There is also a geode in a ravine, and next to it is a mineshaft.

  6. For the multiple rare biomes at spawn seed, that person must have had really good render distance. I had to fly over the ocean in creative mode just to see the mesa and mooshroom island. I will definitely play on that world though! I’m already thinking about all the builds that I’ll do! 😋😊

  7. What is your YT channel name?

    1. Check us out on Pure Game Guides! 🙂

  8. I’m a youtuber this will be really helpful! Thanks

  9. Interesting article. The 1st seed seems perfect. If you play beta version MC bedrock, start at x=0 z =0. Head to south and swim in the ocean, there are 2 Amethyst Geodes under the ocean, near the beach, very easy to recognize. The nearest village quite far near the west edge of your starting map.

  10. So, awhile ago I made a survival world with a random generated seed. I opened the world and spawned right next to the ocean. I named the world Beach house.
    There is a spruce village near and two oak villages. Also there is a woodland mansion. They are all closeISH to spawn.

    The seed is -1923363659
    Have a good day!

    1. I will post the coordinates for the villages and mansion in the morning

  11. Hey, don’t know if this was featured before but in the seed 1669320484 at around -14577, y, 13280 there is a ravine that just goes infinetly repeating itself.
    The ravine goes through many many biomes and also continues after going though multiple oceans.

    1. just found it, by far one of the most unique ravines i’ve seen

    2. Cool! I will check it out🙂

  12. The smithtown seed actually has 7 smiths!

  13. i found an epic seed
    -Winding River
    -3 Ravines

    1. Thanks for letting us know! Are there any significant landmarks besides biomes?

  14. Imma Use These Seeds To Speedrun! Thanks!

    1. No problem! Thanks for using the site!

  15. Smithtown actually has about 7 blacksmithes/

  16. Thank you for the seed suggestions. All were fun too explore especially seed no.4 the mob spawners had good loot and are a good source of exp now.

  17. Thank you so much for this seed list. You have given me so much inspiration with these seeds!

  18. I had a world and I was going to speed run it but there was no village

  19. Can you get some seeds without villages?

    1. Are you asking if it’s possible to spawn in a world without villages?

  20. Seed: “The Broken Mansion Village Seed“

    Finding: I made a home inside a birch forest and underground I found a double spawned! A Zombie and Skeleton spawned within 10 blocks from each other!
    General Cords (x,y,z): 348,27,-538

    1. Just noticed phone auto corrected Spawner to Spawned

  21. On the double blacksmith seed I just found the weirdest igloo with a basement 164 67 -378 next to a destroyed monument

  22. On the Igloo with the stronghold there is also a shipwreck near the ocean monument!

  23. this website is amazing for finding nice starts and beautiful locations. If you use seed 666 you will spawn next to a village leading to a ruined protal then past that you will see a desert temple. If you go the other way into the desert you will find a desert village and another desert temple, but under the desert village is the stronghold.

  24. Wait! No! I had to dig around a bit but if you go to the right prison cell and dig the block right next to that then it will be right there!

  25. there was a seed on this post for two revines that had diamonds but it was taken off, could someone give me the seed if they have it the spawn was 449, 73, 0. please and thank you

    1. I’ve had a look, it only goes back so far. It’s either going to be one of these three.

      Seed: 10292992
      Seed: -1007380239
      Seed: -1400738501

      If it’s not one of those three, then then sadly it’s gone for good!

  26. I love this site and everything about it

    1. Thank you so much!

  27. Perfect seeds!

  28. 1846403728 starts you off by a taiga village (with like 10 chests), and under the village is a stronghold. Not too far away, there is a mineshaft.

  29. The 10292992 seed also has a desert temple mostly buried at 1273,74,313. Its straight south of spawn and theres only a tiny bit of sandstone poking up from one of the corners,but the skylight in the center building is open to the sky.

  30. try this seed “This is gonna end up badly” i’ll send coords at saturday.

    1. by the way it only works at bedrock 🙂