Who is Shenhe in Genshin Impact?

Is she a mortal or an Adepti?

Little is known about Shenhe, who traverses between the realm of mortals and the Adepti. Despite being a mortal from Liyue, she spent much of her time training as the Cloud Retainer's disciple. But the reasons for their relationship remain unknown, especially given the Cloud Retainer's rather aloof personality.

Shenhe, Liyue's First Cryo Polearm User

While Rosaria took the crown as Genshin Impact's first Cryo polearm user, Shenhe is the first to emerge from Liyue. Despite being a mortal, the Cloud Retainer regards Shenhe's skill for the Adepti arts as something out of the ordinary. And perhaps it's because Shenhe reminds the Cloud Retainer of herself.

A Penchant for The Divine

After years of cultivating her Adepti arts, away from the mortal realm, bits of Shenhe's personality have begun to stray from human nature—choosing instead to become closer to the divine. In particular, Shenhe developed a habit of eating divine herbs and drinking mountain dew, presumably contributing to her Adepti-like constitution. Those who know little about her believe that she may be an Adepti herself.

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A Fierce Temperament

There's one flaw to Shenhe's otherwise pristine disposition: her temperament, which is easily angered and rather explosive. Shenhe's temper has reached the ears of Liyue, and Ganyu wonders if the former might just be bored. In contrast, Xingqiu is wary—Shenhe tends to stare at him with a fierce look, and he's afraid he may have unknowingly offended her.

From a Family of Exorcists

An interesting fact about Shenhe is that she hails from the branch family of a clan of exorcists. In Liyue, there's one famous exorcist who isn't very good at controlling his Energy: Chongyun. While no links have been made between the two, it's not impossible for their pasts to somehow intertwine.

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