Bunker E15 Lost Sector Location in Destiny 2

Where is it?

Lost Sectors are fun, short-term, challenging activities where guardians venture into a hidden area, defeat a boss, and come out with rewards. These activities have recently become a staple part of Destiny's game and offer a familiar dungeon crawling experience.

But sometimes, specific lost sectors can be hard to find as they don't really pop out on the map unless they are the current Legend or Master level Lost Sector for the day. If you are searching for the Bunker E15 Lost Sector, look no further.


You can find the Lost Sector you are looking for on the planet of Europa. It is in the northern region of the map called Eventide Ruins. Fortunately, there is also a fast travel point right next to it, so you don't have to sparrow your way across the map to get to the Lost Sector. 

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Reap the Rewards

As of Nov. 18, this Lost Sector is the Legend Lost Sector for the day. Of course, this is not always the case since these rotate every day at 10 am PST. If this Lost Sector happens not to be the Legend or Master level one for the day, you can find them somewhere else in the system, indicated by their purple map icons, like the one in the picture above.

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