Best Roblox TikTok Music ID Codes (December 2021)

Music can really spice up your Roblox gameplay, making it more fun to explore new games and complete missions. For fans of the TikTok app, they will be excited to know there are plenty of Music ID Codes of songs featured on the app on Roblox. Best Music ID Codes for Roblox List — TikTok […]

Best Classes in Roblox A Hero’s Destiny

Classes in the popular Roblox anime RPG A Hero’s Destiny serve not only as a form of rank but also a way to unlock special abilities, moves, and unique character buffs. Each class has a different rarity level, though they can all be obtained the same way. For our quick rating of these Classes, continue reading below! […]

Roblox BedWars: Free kits this week

Kits are avatar bundles in Roblox BedWars that essentially serve as different classes. Each kit is designed with a special theme in mind and comes with its own set of unique perks and abilities. Using the kit to its own strength, along with the player’s skills and mastery of the game, can provide a much […]

How to rank up quickly in Roblox A Hero’s Destiny

In order to become the strongest fighter in the One Punch Man inspired Roblox experience A Hero’s Destiny, players will need to train, either alone or with friends, defeat enemies, take down bosses, and explore every edge of the map for various quests. Along the way, players will level up and gain XP that can […]