Best Sensitivity Settings in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is now available for Xbox and PC, and players will need the best Sensitivity settings before jumping into the fan-favorite Multiplayer mode. While these settings will mostly depend on personal preferences, we will highlight the optimal parameters that players should follow. Some of the basics remain the same like keyboard players being able […]

The official launch trailer for Halo Infinite shows off more of the campaign, promises to be “the biggest Halo ever”

Microsoft and studio 343 Industries have released the official launch trailer for Halo Infinite. The trailer will most likely be one of the last major promotional videos that Microsoft releases for Infinite before the game’s official release on Dec. 8 for the Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. The launch trailer is epic in scope, […]

How to complete the Peerless Warrior Challenge in Halo Infinite Multiplayer — Willow Tea Armor

Halo Infinite features many different customization options, whether it be armor, markings, or paints. One such customization is the Willow Tea armor coating which is a weekly reward. This stylish coating is for the Mark VII and can only be gotten by completing the Peerless Warrior Challenge in Halo Infinite. To complete the Peerless Warrior […]