How to solve the Blindsided case in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

Between your cases in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, you will find dozens of delightful side-cases to keep you sharp and help you earn a couple of bucks on the side, too. You’ll find the great Blindsided case inside the Cordona Chronicle building by eavesdropping on two men. To start this investigation: Pin the clue Eyes […]

What is the reward for finishing all Bandit Lairs in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One?

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One retains many of the traditional elements from previous Holmes titles, such as puzzle-solving, clue finding, and case solving. Unlike previous games, however, this is the first Sherlock Holmes game that features a full combat system. To highlight the cool gunplay combat, you can find enemy-filled Bandit Lairs scattered across the island […]

Complete Poffin Recipe Guide for Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Poffins, or Pokémon Muffins, are food in the Sinnoh region that you feed to raise one or more of your Pokémon’s five attributes: Coolness, Beauty, Cuteness, Cleverness, and Toughness. These attributes need to be high if you want to win Super Contests in Hearthome City. Winning Super Contests can do two things for you: Get […]