What is Enkanomiya? Details about the new region in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a constantly expanding game that releases new updates every six weeks. Updates usually contain new characters, quests, and locations. Enkanomiya is an upcoming area that is set to expand on the story of Watatsumi Island. What is Enkanomiya? Enkanomiya is the location that Kokomi’s ancestors came from and is linked to Watatsumi […]

What is the Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact?

There are many things to do in Genshin Impact, from gathering materials to indulging in lore by completing the various quests. The Spiral Abyss is no different and is an ever-changing challenge that gives out rich rewards. If you’ve never taken the time to really play through it, though, then you likely don’t understand how […]

How to complete Abe’s Mushrooms Hidden Objective in Genshin Impact

After completing The Sun-Wheel and Mt. Kanna, the Thunderbird’s curse will be lifted from Tsurumi Island, prompting faceless illusions to appear. Just as they’re about to depart to the golden land of dreams, talking to the illusions of Tsurumi’s once-residents will give you an opportunity to grant them one last wish. Abe, who’s a little […]