How to preload Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker on PC

Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion is just hours away, and the team at Square Enix has released an update that allows players to update their game launcher in advance for PC. Here’s how you can get the downloads done before Endwalker releases. Open the Final Fantasy XIV launcher on your PC to preload the Endwalker […]

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker System Requirements

With Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker finally hitting storefronts, players can experience the continuation of the Warrior of Light’s narrative. Before players can dive into the plethora of new content in the highly-anticipated update, they’ll need to make sure their platform can run the game. We’ve listed the system requirements specified by Square Enix for each […]

What are the new classes in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker?

The most prominent update of the year in Square Enix’s popular MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV, is here. Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker update brings an abundance of new content for players to experience, including several new classes. What new jobs can players expect once Endwalker releases? Two new classes are coming with Endwalker: the Sage and […]

Where is the Sage Starting Location in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker?

With Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker update finally releasing, players have a chance to try out several new jobs in combat, including a new healer: the Sage. Before users can begin playing as a Sage, they’ll need to complete the prerequisite quest, and knowing where to find that quest is critical. Players can begin their journey […]