All Monsters and their mutations in VHS Game

In this Dead-by-Daylight-style game, three monsters fight against a team of teens within the VHS club. Brett, Faith, Gloria, Jess, and Leo round out the roster of teens, while the Doll Master, the W.A.R.T., and the Werewolf make up the three onsters. Each monster has its own set of perks and mutations that make them […]

All Teens in VHS Game

VHS’s cast includes both monsters and teens from the Video Horror Society in a Dead-by-Daylight style of gameplay. As such, players can take on the various roles of the teens and/or monsters. Here are all the teens and the roles they play in VHS. Brett Brett is the wild and strong type who naturally fills […]

All Sisterly Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Within each of the Animal Crossing games, the various villagers have a specific personality category. When characters continue onto a new game, they don’t always keep the same personality. Sisterly villagers are extra friendly, often talking about their childhood, and will want to create friendly competition with the player. Here are all the sisterly villagers […]

Best Void Gauntlet Builds in New World

With the release of the Into the Void update, players gained access to the Void Gauntlet. This weapon works with the added Void damage, but it also works well as a healing-focused weapon. Scaling into Intelligence and Focus, here are the best weapon combos and skills to invest in with the Void Gauntlet. Void Gauntlet […]